Inzzla: Doing What Isn’t Being Done in Neo-Expressionism

JM: First things first, tell the people about yourself and where you’re from.

I: I’m Inzzla. I’m a 19 year old non-binary artist/musician from Madison, Wisconsin.

JM: Always good to put a face behind the name. What’s the story behind your art movement, Inzzla? And what’s its correlation to your art form? 

I: I started making art this way when I had an awakening of sorts around 5 years ago. I had this overwhelming feeling to create my own imagery. This was all also very connected to learning about the occult and becoming obsessed with alchemy. In turn, the art I started developing was very dark and vague, latent with my own subtle meanings.

JM: Art with vague and subtle meanings tends to convey a stronger message in my opinion so I totally understand. What would you classify your unique medium of art under, if any?

I: In the beginning I never really studied artists or movements, but learning about these now, I think I fit in slightly with neo-expressionism. Otherwise I just call it illustration, for lack of a better word.

JM: That’s cool and unique that you took a different approach to your art and just did what you felt needed to be done rather than studying all of the greats. What do you think is something about your art that sets you aside from the rest of the crowd?

I: I’m not entirely sure. When I look at other “dark artists” on the internet, I find that the best ones add a sense of humanity and emotion to their works. This is what I try to do.

JM: Well you definitely do a great job of conveying humanity and their complex emotions. How does your creative process work? Do you look toward inspirations of people, places, or things? Or is it mainly just off you initial inside feeling to create that drives your creative process?

I: My creative process is kind of chaotic. I mostly draw inspiration from my own intuition and twitches, but I also go outside of that. I like to study people and poses.

JM: Chaos often births the best creations and following your intuition is key to creation. How did you create the “COVID-28” artwork? What inspired you to draw it as you have and what does message behind it represent to you?

I: My art for “COVID-28” was made with standard pens and markers. I drew what I thought could look like the cover art of a single, and I started with the idea of exhaling a dragon, from how COVID is a respiratory disease. Other than that, that’s just the vibe I got from the song.

JM: And you did a great job at conveying that. I appreciate your time to answer these questions. Now let everyone know where they can reach you if they’re interested in getting some art from you!

I: I am the most present on my instagram, @inzzla. Right now I’m open to commissions as well as inquiries on buying existing artwork. I plan to start selling prints and such before the end of the year.